Tv Studio Sets

  • María’s Minute

  • Roberto Piazza presents

  • Gourmet News

  • Soccer with Rouge

  • Leticia and Her Magic World

  • Right Hemisphere

  • Digital Domain

  • The Last Word

  • 14 Days

  • Playing Clean

  • Kito Pizzas

Tv Studio Sets

I watch T.V.  I watch one show.  Switch.  I look at the host, look at the backdrop.  The host(ess) is a little nun, the program is El minuto de María (María’s Minute).  Sometimes, a little world map functions as a centerpiece.  At others, the table is bare and two chairs are enough, sufficient and necessary.  The program begins in silence, she prays, the image doesn’t change, she doesn’t move a muscle.  In the background behind her, a line, the result of an imperfect union between the elements that make up the set, runs through the nun’s head.  She keeps on praying, immobile.  Switch.  A primarily masculine group in a space ship talks about technology.  They know a lot.  Switch.  A woman expert in cold porcelain engages in activities within her magic world.  A part of Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night comprises the backdrop.  Two men disguised as green dolls appear behind a couple of orange platforms.  They’re overheated.  Switch.  A woman dressed in a shiny black vest and white bowtie, black pants and white boots talks about soccer.  She laughs every so often.  The shadow of a saxophonist signals the commercial breaks.  Switch.  A fashion designer parades between decorative objects obtained via barter: a palm tree, advertising-still, a little table, another still; a lamp, another still; a painting, another still.  Three cushions.  He states to the air «I sing great.  I’m great, I’m wonderful, I’m fantastic«.  Switch.  Several men talk about transport.  The miniature located on the green glass table, a divine, illuminated truck, takes on a different dimension before my eyes.  I don’t listen to them.  Switch.  A man quite seriously relates gastronomic news to the camera.  Switch.  Telephone calls live.  One adult on stage and children in their homes.  With 2 they advance, with 5 they shoot.  They seldom win.  Little nun, truck, Internet.  Cold porcelain, soccer, soccer.  Politics, little nun, interview.  Soccer porcelain, cold, cold.